Author’s rights and digital distribution

Information today has a reactive transmission mode. Faced with those developments, l’Argus de la presse allows you to receive the results of your monitoring in digital format. That distribution mode meets the wishes expressed by the majority of private companies and administrations.

In that context, l’Argus de la presse proposes solutions that guarantee the coherence and continued existence of our services.

You are directly concerned by those new conditions linked to the management of digital rights.

The CFC (Centre Français du droit de Copie)
L’Argus de la presse has signed an agreement with the CFC which authorises it to draw up and distribute digital press articles and press panoramas on behalf of its clients.
List of publications managed by the CFC
Furthermore the editor who mandates the CFC for the management of his rights can choose a different fee depending on whether you benefit from a press panaroma service (press panorama on Extranet) or a clipping service (sending articles by e-mail)

Paper copy
The CFC is the only company authorised to issue and collect fees. any redistribution in paper format must be declared directly to the CFC.
For certain titles which are prohibited from reproduction, l’Argus de la presse supplies “alert summaries”. Each alert indicates the name of the publication, date, author if mentioned as well as a short text that gives the general sense of the article.

List of forbidden titles for reproduction
List of press titles forbidden for digital distribution

Specific conditions linked to the PQR
Under the umbrella of the SPQR (Syndicat de la Presse Quotidienne Régionale) and the GIE panorama PQR, publications provide a digital flow through an offer named FAR (France Actu Régions).
The GIE grants the Argus de la Presse, the personal and non-exclusive rights required for the re-distribution of the PQR panorama to the Users for First Post access.
It is understood that this authorisation is part of a general provision. By application thereof, from the second post, the authorisations for redistribution are issued by the CFC, within 2 months from the date of signature of your contract with the Argus de la presse.
Redistribution to specialist agents
Redistribution to Users such as Press Relations Agencies, Public Relation agencies, Consultancy and Communication Agencies and other specialised agents is only authorised subject to subscription by them to a personal contract of specific consultation: “Press relations & public relations service” with the CFC. Each client of the specialised agent must be identified as such by the CFC.

L’Argus de la presse is only authorised to redistribute elements of the PQR Panorama in the context of a closed network, unique for each User and in application of a written contract between the Argus de la presse and the User including:
The commitment of the User that the access to his network is controlled and only authorised to persons authorised by him and in conformity with the distribution statement he made (the statements can be checked by the GIE Panorama PQR or the CFC explicitly mandated by the latter in the context of the right of control at the User’s);

The number of posts authorised to benefit from rights, knowing that printed paper copies of the Contents may only be made in proportion to the posts declared by the User, one printed copy per post.

Other publishers
Some publishers have implemented their own calculation system for author’s or redistribution rights. L’Argus de la presse in that case deals with the invoicing, collection and payment of those fees to the publishers.

List of publishers

Comment: Besides the CSC and the PQR group, it is not excluded that other bodies would appear in future with whom some publishers could enter a negotiation.

Invoicing terms
The invoice coressponding to your subscription includes a “Right fees / 1st recipient licensing fee”. Beyond the 1st recipient, if you wish to redistribute the information to a larger number of posts, you need to tell us the number of users every year and sign a licence contract eith the CFC within 2 months.