Etude de cas

L'Argus de la presse enables us to control the media exposure of all our clients while identifying strategic information related to their market.

Thierry Wellhoff, Chairman

Agence Wellcom *


The major independent communication agency for Image and Opinions in France, Wellcom, has assisted companies and institutions of any type of activity sectors for some 35 years. In that context it is absolutely necessary for Wellcom to control the exposure of our clients both in media and social networks and to use their information.


Over the years, the Argus de la presse created a real partnership relation with our teams both for clipping, the creation of press panoramas, the result of our work on media relations and for daily monitoring.


Considering our communication and PR activities, but also our work in research and development on company communication, the support of the Argus de la presse allows us to control the media exposure of each client while identifying strategic information linked to their market and to know their environment more thoroughly.

L’Argus de la presse has evolved simultaneously to the practice of our profession and grasp the integration of digital and e-reputation with appropriate solutions.