Etude de cas

The monitoring and studies by the Argus de la presse are the bases of our PR work in order to valuate our results and to have optimal strategic reflection.

Julien Luccioni, Press officer

Aigle *


The need for efficient monitoring that allows us to view our media results in real time.

From that monitoring, originates a second need for the study and analysis of that mediatisation through PR evaluations to create a strategic work basis.


L’Argus de la presse provides a 360 degrees monitoring complemented with quarterly, seasonal or annual mediatisation evaluations with focus on subjects, collections or range of products. The study department sends us an evolution of the brand mediatisation allowing us to measure the impact and to valuate the PR actions.


The PR evaluations and media studies generated by the Argus monitoring allow us to analyse and compare our actions in previous years in order to adapt our PR strategy for the next seasons.