Etude de cas

I will summarise the benefits of our analysis service in 3 words: indicators, objectives, customised. The annual assessment of l'Argus de la presse is a real directional tool and the availability of accurate indicators allows the improvement of the progress of our media visibility.

Valérie Jobard, Editorial manager Knowledge et PR manager

EM Lyon *


The strategy of growth of the school supporte by large projects and very extensive news required a formal and pertinent PR steering tool

I have very quickly needed an accurate annual evaluation of media results. An evaluation that allows to see the various types of results at a glance: dedicated/simple quotations, France/international, print/web, general/specialised press etc.


We benefit from an image study with identification of mediatisation topics, training etc. which is returned to us as online accessible dashboards. Furthermore, we produce an annual study (based on the academic year) allowing us to measure and steer our PR actions.


I can summarise the benefits in 3 words: indicative, objective and personalised

Indicative: accurate indicators allow for example to measure the progress of visibility in international media. When you start a long-term PR strategy like this one it is important to being able to measure the evolution from one year to the next.

Objective: evaluation indicators provide an objective and concrete view of the impact of the PR, either overall, or theme by theme.

Personalised: the analysis grid is co-structured with my consultant which allows me to define the desired detail level.