Etude de cas

The monitoring by l'Argus de la presse is subtle and pertinent and our consultant adapts quickly to our needs or news.

Elodie Mevil-Blanche, Communication & PR Manager

Loewe *


Better identifying our audiences, their interests and expectations, irrespective of whether they are journalists, bloggers, clients, future clients or dealers of the brand.

Adapting our communication and being more reactive.

Having editorial monitoring across all media with a single partner.


Press monitoring on key words with a few exception rules.Digital monitoring with a monitoring officer who filters the contents according to our criteria.All with permanent access to the whole Argus portal and with weekly alerts


All our requirements are covered, with the tools and formats that suit us.

The implication of a monitoring officer is very appreciable: monitoring is subtle and pertinent, and adapts quickly according to our needs and news.