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Access to your essential news

Measuring (controlling) the results of your PR actions is your major concern. Your news is unique and deserves special attention. For all these reasons our experts set up tailor-made information monitoring with you that integrates your selection criteria, classification and hierarchy.  You thus have access to your main news, organised by your mediatisation criteria. From 5.30 in the morning our teams create personalised press panoramas for you that cover all the 2.0 media, internet, radio, TV, press (france and international). Your media results are thus carefully checked and then filed in the appropriate sections. For your international results, our experts can translate or summarise your articles. From our service platform you can access all your returns and panoramas. You can also decide to integrate a list of recipients to systematically be informed of the news of your brand. Your panoramas are then distributed from our service platform. To facilitate your daily business, our platform provides numerous functions to select, comment on or share your returns. You can create your press reviews according to your subjects or wishes at all time.

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