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Broadcast your PR campaigns

A PR campaign starts with the definition of its objectives, its target and its content. It continues with the distribution of its communication by e-mail and ends with reporting and exploitation of results. First and foremost it is necessary to identify the editorial profiles that are interested in your brand, in your products. Who are the journalists who match your news best? What exactly do they expect from you? Through which communication channel do they wish to be contacted?

L'Argus de la presse, with its journalist references, answers all your questions and considers the data as the cornerstone of successful PR campaigns.

Our mission: placing the interest of the journalist at the core of your concerns.

Our campaign management platform proposes strict criteria to target accurately and to ensure that your press releases will be published in the media.

To raise awareness in editorial staff it is essential to present your press releases so as to capture the journalists' attention, whilst respecting the expected structure by information professionals: Date, Teaser, logo, localisation, Intro paragraph, details of your news, illustrations, boiler plate, contacts

L'Argus de la presse proposes to create tailor-made press releases through its distribution platform. Various templates are available to choose the most suitable format to develop your news and seduce journalists.

After identifying your target of influential contacts and defining the presentation of your press release all you need to do is distribute your news. Our platform deals with sending your communication actions and provides access to numerous dashboards to check the appeal of your campaigns: which journalists are most reactive to my news? Who clicked on the link of my press release? Who downloaded my press file? Who unsubscribed?

Our reports summarise the results of your campaign and enable you to very quickly organise your e-mail relaunches or to prioritise the contacts you wish to contact by telephone.




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