MEDIA INTELLIGENCE Driving your communities

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Driving your communities

To increase (boost) the effect of your publications on social media, the ambassadors of your brand or your contents must be identified to ensure the distribution of your good news!

Sharing information and driving your communities are the keys to success in creating loyalty in your influence makers and attracting them to your brand. It is essential to follow their conversations that naturally develop around you in order to rebound and maintain your visibility on twitter and facebook.

L'Argus de la Presse has developed a social deck to respond to all these stakes:​

  • Driving your communities,
  • Identifying mentions about you,
  • Detecting the influence makers that will distribute your news.

These assets will amplify your visibility in social media and increase the performance of your communication actions. But also, very opportunistic and in direct connection to your media monitoring, you can decide to instaneously follow the authors of your results, with influence in social media and who mentioned you in traditional media.   You will be able to visualise all your accounts and monitor your followers through a detailed timeline.

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