MEDIA INTELLIGENCE Identify media, journalists and influential people

identifier les medias

Identify media, journalists and influential people

As a communication professional your objective is to distribute your news in the highest number of media possible. Traditional (TV, press, radio) or digital, media are more than ever a complementary element in the creation of reputation and opinion.

How and where can the most profitable media to your fame be found? Which type of news do they favour? That information is crucial in using their editorial line and to speed up your increased visibility in the media.

L'ARGUS DE LA PRESSE, expert in economic intelligence, has a media referential that combines all the essential supports in your sector in order to detect the influential people who best match your mediatisation challenges. 

To act and orchestrate your communication actions, L'Argus de la Presse has created a flexible and efficient platform to detect your influence makers / ambassadors:

Which are the essential journalists in my sector? In which type of media are they active? How should they be contacted? Have they already spoken about me? Which are the interests of your influence makers? Are they often active in sicial media? How can they be followed and mobilised? We provide the appropriate answers to these questions in order to raise awareness in your core target and increase the scope of your communication.

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