MEDIA & PUBLICS INSIGHTS Identify the evolution in the opinion of your publics

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Identify the evolution in the opinion of your publics

Our missions:

  • Analyse the opinion of your online communities
  • Survey your publics
  • Survey the journalists in your sector
  • Measure the evolution of the notoriety of your brand
  • Discover new insights (new viewpoints)

In addition to your media results, we measure the impact of your communication on the opinion of your publics We analyse the expression of the internet users on media and social networks or conduct surveys of your publics (telephone, online, focus group ...) to evaluate and measure the evolution of their opinion.

  • How does your latest news impact on opinion?
  • Which is your notoriety level compared with your competitors?
  • Which are the key messages memorised and associated to your brand?
  • What is the quality of the relation between your brand and the journalists?
  • Which consumer viewpoints can inspire your communication?

Whether to inspire your next operations based on listening to your audiences or measuring the influence of your operations, we provide clear answers by combining: 

  • Our various techniques for the study of publics and journalists/influence leaders (omnibus survey, telephone survey, focus group, online survey)
  • Our monitoring and analysis tools of the social web
  • Our expertise and analysis methods of forums, comments, blogs, social networks...
  • Our knowledge of the stakes of relation professionals with the publics

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