MEDIA & PUBLICS INSIGHTS Listen to your target audiences, identify your influence relays

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Listen to your target audiences, identify your influence relays

Our missions:

  • Listen to the media and public expectations.
  • Analyse the elements that created your current reputation.
  • Identify your next influence relays.
  • Measure the potential of new opportunities.

Prior to the elaboration of your communication strategy, the analysis of media and publics becomes a key factor in identifying opportunities, understanding expectations, feeding your reflection, helping to define and prioritise your actions.

  • How to generate attention around your brand in the information turmoil? 
  • What are the key influence relays versus the multiplication of distribution channels of the contents?
  • How to manage your priorities facing the new diversity in audiences?
  • What are the key news trends to rebound?
  • Which contents make your current reputation?
  • ...

We produce tailor-made studies to allow a legible representation of your current media and digital footprint and map out the opportunities of tomorrow.


Our device combines:

  • Our data bases that contain references of millions of TV, radio, press, internet, media and social networks sources
  • The daily update of our media data
  • Appropriate tools to measure the profiles of publics of key media 
  • Proven methods to search influence relays and opportunities for expression
  • The expertise of our teams that produce deliverables adapted to your stakes

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