MEDIA & PUBLICS INSIGHTS Measure the media impact (off/online) of your communication actions

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Measure the media impact (off/online) of your communication actions

​Our missions:

  • Give full strength to your media results
  • Analyse your image and key messages associated to your brand
  • Identify the strengths and points requiring improvement in your mediatisation
  • Understand your mediatisation and the links with opinion, in particular in social media
  • Assist your reflection for the creation of your PR strategy and feed the definition of your objectives with pertinent data

Our experts assist your communication actions by analysing the results obtained in the media and their impact on your reputation. Our studies help you to use the results of your actions, to keep track of your priorities and to adjust your decisions.

  • How to easily and regularly follow and share the key figures of your mediatisation?
  • Which are the pertinent dashboards to monitor your PR campaigns?
  • Which levers are available to steer and optimise your communication?
  • Which indicators should be followed to measure the efficiency of your actions and your progress?
  • What are the results compared with your competitors?

We produce tailor-made studies that provide expert perspective of your mediatisation and its consequences on your reputation with the help of a system that combines:-    Un haut niveau d'accompagnement par des chargés d’études expérimentés

  • A high level of support by experienced study managers
  • A specialist team by sector of activity
  • A complete range of services, from reporting to the presentation of results at your premises
  • Methods developed in consultation with PR professionals 
  • Permanent quality control that guarantees reliable data
  • Clear indicators, powerful analysis tools for media and online reputation


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