MEDIA & PUBLICS INSIGHTS Study the effect of your communication on your audiences

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Study the effect of your communication on your audiences

Our missions:

  • Correlate your media results with those of the company
  • Calculate the return on investment of your campaigns
  • Optimise your budgets by defining your priorities
  • Reveal the 'business effects" of your PR actions
  • Feed your reflection when defining new objectives

PR can generate tangible results for the company in addition to media cover. There are methods and indicators to prove this.

Our consultants assist you in establishing return on investment of your PR and measuring the contribution of communication actions to the results expected by the company or institution management: turnover, store or online traffic, increase of market shares, release of funds, intention of vote... 

Our experts also previously assist the communication managements with setting objectives and participating in creating a PR system likely to generate results that translate the desired changes in behaviour in the publics, and to measure their success.

We thus provide our expertise, methods and tools inherited from marketing practice that have demonstrated the effectiveness of their communication techniques to public relation professionals. So why not demonstrate the effectiveness of the contribution of your PR actions to the results of your organisation?

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