MEDIA & PUBLICS INSIGHTS Measure and feed your communication strategy

Media & Publics Insights helps the communication and marketing professionals who enter actions for relations with their audiences (media relations, community management, public relations, lobbying, events...) in their decision-making.

Our objective: enable communicators to gain efficiency with the use of data, analyses and new viewpoints (insights). 

Our services are tailor-made and adapted to the specificity of each communication/marketing project.

4 expertises support you: ​ 

  • Target expertise: 

Listen to your target audiences to adapt your communication directions and search your next influence relays journalists, media or community.

  • Expertise Media off/online: 

Analyse the impact and the image obtained by your media relations and monitor the development of your online reputation.

  • Opinion expertise:

Identify the audiences made aware by your communication, analyse the expression of the internt users and survey your audiences' opinion.

  • Business Expertise: 

Measure the correlation between your media results, the changes in behaviour in your audiences and the results of your company. Inspire and define objectives that optimise your return on investment. 


Created in 1996, Media & Public Insights employs 50 people and helps 350 communication managements with their decision making.

In France we frequently publish our analyses on the evolution of the professions and PR evaluation. We are also member of the "Measuring Committee" of the Syntec Conseil en Relations Publics - a professional trade union representing the profession of consultancy in Public Relations 

At international level we are members of the AMEC (International Association of communication measuring and evaluation).

25 media analysts
15 study and project managers
3 media experts

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